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The Journal of Occupational Environmental Medicine estimates that U.S. businesses have collectively had 2.5 billion days where sick employees either did not show up for work or were unable to work to full capacity. Employee benefits are among the top reasons why employees choose one job over the next. OMEGA’s experienced team helps employers gain a competitive advantage, meet industry standards, and protect their business. OMEGA’s innovative wellness initiatives and health screenings promote employee health and loyalty, reduce turnover and retain employees.

Custom insurance plans – Well-researched options that target specific employee health status and needs.

Multiple plan options – The best health insurance plan for one employee is not necessarily the best for another. Offering more than one plan gives your employees the freedom to choose the health insurance best suited for them.

Outstanding customer service – Web and phone support from a caring staff skilled at employee relations and medical claims. Advice and information on everything from benefits information to specific claims status.

Up-to-date regulatory and industry knowledge and consultation – We build relationships with the top carriers and PPOs in the country, and stay current on government regulations and industry protocol.

Advocacy – We can also help your employees process claims or resolve problems: many have “patient advocates” who your employees can contact for assistance. Using a broker is often the easiest way to get the best health insurance plan for your employees.

Screenings – Employees refusing to take medications as directed costs employees billions of dollars a year in increased health-care expenses and absenteeism. OMEGA employs a variety of benefit programs, tools, and technologies aimed at improving compliance and employee health.