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Who’s Containing Your Healthcare Costs?

Let OMEGA Benefit Group Be Your Strategic Cost Containment Partner.

If you’re struggling to contain the rising cost of health benefits, you’re not alone. Nor should you have to go it alone. OMEGA Benefit Group can help – by providing unbiased, experienced benefits brokering and advice, and connecting you to premier benefit management services.

As your strategic partner, OMEGA Benefit Group helps you hold down rising healthcare costs –– by managing claim dollars before they occur. We also enable you to spend more time on your key business goals and less time on your company’s health plan.

By building competitive health plans and wellness programs, we help you attract and retain healthy, productive and satisfied employees. We defy conventional wisdom by addressing the true drivers of rising healthcare costs –– without necessarily shifting those costs to your employees as higher deductibles or co-pays.

More than a benefits broker, we are your health benefits risk manager. Our experienced team uses innovative services and products (line to Services and Products page on existing site) to provide customized, flexible solutions in three key areas: Financial, Human Resources and Employees. (Link each of these to existing corresponding pages on website.)

The result is the best possible health and financial outcomes for both you and your employees.

Are you ready to gain control of your rising healthcare costs? Call 678-258-8450 to find out more about our premier services or submit an online information request form.